Sunday, November 2, 2008

Destiny, the Way of God, Versus Evil and Disaster in the World

"God doesn't cause messes for a purpose but he brings purposes to the messes."
Greg Boyd

What deep waters in a pop maxim of only 14 words!

Such a hope-'comet' to hang one's life onto!

Instead of the despairing and severely misguided theology of religious people--from Calvinists to Muslims to Hindus--who claim God wills all evil and all suffering, that every typhoon, earthquake, and war are God's idea and plan.

On the contrary, in this imperfect, actually messy, world, in this unfinished cosmos, God is Unlimited Benevolence and Goodness seeking to guide the cosmos and us finite conscious humans.

God wants to help us redeem the time and the place of where ever we are.

Our destiny is not today's momentary temptation, superficial experience, or tragic event.

We are called to live in the Light of God's eternal becoming.
I John, I Corinthians 13, etc.

In the Light,

Daniel Wilcox

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