Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's in a Day's Name?

One way of Friends that seems lacking is our naming the days of the week by numbers. I do understand the historical reasoning behind not using the pagan names. Early Friends wanted to live in the present power of Jesus Christ. They thought destructive practices had crept into Christianity from paganism, so they cut off all such influences, including the polytheistic names of the gods from Scandinavian or Roman religions such as Saturday--Saturn's Day, the Roman god of agriculture.

On this blog today I won't try and present my own view of that cutting away, but only speak to the Friends' solution, what they chose instead. Keep in mind I am an artist, so as a Friend, I find naming days "first day," "second day," etc. bland, lacking in imagination, and downright boring. Of course, as an artist I may not have been allowed into the Children of Light back in the 1600's anyway.

Here is my somewhat light-hearted suggestions for change (I'm taking a break from slaying the demons of modern ethics and theology).

Why not change our traditional custom and promote the Quaker testimonies or faith statements/metaphors?

For example, Saturday becomes "Spirit Day."

Sunday needs little change. Call it "Son's Day" or for the more theological--"Son of Man Day."

Monday which is named after the Moon god could be changed to "Light Day."

Wednesday which is named after Woden, the lead god of Anglo-Saxon/Norse religion could be changed to "Word Day."


In the Light:-)

Daniel Wilcox

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Hystery said...

That's fun to think about. I'll probably have that on my brain for days now.