Thursday, April 7, 2011

Imagine There's No Heroin, No Hell Within, But Love Wins

Imagine There's No Heroin, No Hell Within, But Love Wins...
Just finished the powerful but tragic book The History of the Beatles by Bob Spitz and Love Wins by Rob Bell…

Imagine if John could have a second chance to give peace…

Imagine there’s no heroin (in John’s life and so many others)
It’s difficult if you try,
No hell within us
Above us only why
Imagine all of us
Living for this present…

Imagine there’s only one country
It is very hard to do,
One people of humility, compassion, love, and joy,

Living for the true,

No religiosity, no drugs, no adultery or verbal cruelty,
But now John, alone, opening the door to Cynthia when she returns from Greece,
Asking her forgiveness for his infidelities, throwing his arms
Around her in unselfish love;

And saying to his comrades, he’s sorry for how he treated them, the cruel things he's said.

And no
Assassin’s bullet…

Imagine this new life,
This good news for John Lennon, and the other three Beatles, and Brian

Living for humility, compassion, love, peace, and purity--

Not only Heaven above and beyond,
But as Yeshua said,

Heaven within us.

Imagine this for everyone, the whole world, no exceptions…

But imagine this first for yourself

Right now, at this moment—

I choose to.

In the Light,

Daniel Wilcox


WOW Gold said...
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Anonymous said...

oh, come on, why no heroin? why do you link this substance to "hell inside"? have you ever had it ? heroin actually suppresses the hell inside, so you can feel the love inside...if you want. the price is high, but thats what it does. so its quite understandable that an extremely sensitive person who gave us Imagine used it. I wouldnt want to take it away from him.