Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Church of the Swimming Pool

Tragic one time or another they hit us all; so many individuals experience worse than others, excruciating events that wreak havoc in their lives. Of course, we all eventually face what the New Testament calls the Last Enemy.

Here, we've been dealing with some tragic times of late.

But sadly, unlike in the past, there is less Good News to find in our churches, because now so many are promoting the false view of Reformed despair...where there is no hope for most of us.

So what does one do?

This Sunday morning, in the midst of sorrow and need, I opted to go swimming.

After almost an hour of swimming laps and praying to God,
my inner spirit brightened with renewed hope.

Yes, I discovered the Church of the Swimming Pool, where no bad theology or bad events happen, only a gliding forward, swimming over, and through, all the problems that so beset us.

Thank God for such a buoyant way.

In the Light,

Daniel Wilcox


Anonymous said...

Listening and seeing people in underground i Stockholm works as a church for me. Most of the voices are nice and polite to each others ,you will feel good.

Katya5 said...

Hi Dan,
Glad to hear that in the midst of despair you find answers and hope within yourself... Keep swimming!

Daniel Wilcox said...

Hi Anonymous and Katya5,

Thanks for stopping by to read my swimming church blog and sharing your perspectives.

Much appreciated,