Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Take Time to Weep, Take Time to Grieve for the Loss of the Innocent…/

What They Don't Tell You About Dahlia

By Sherri Mandell

"....the reporter tells you about the terrorist [Maher al-Hashlamun of Islamic Jihad] who is from Hebron, how he was in an Israeli jail for five years for a firebombing. The reporter quotes his Facebook page: 'I’ll be a thorn in the gullet of the Zionist project to Judaize Jerusalem.'

We learn nothing about 26 year old Dahlia, who was just getting started in life after finishing college, studying occupational therapy so that she could have a job where she could help people who were sick or infirm or disabled to live in a fuller way.

...And they don’t tell you how she had to hitchhike to get to her job working with children in Kiryat Gat or that she was the main volunteer at Yad Sarah in Tekoa which lends medical equipment like wheelchairs to those who are sick or injured. They don’t tell you how she liked to help brides look beautiful by doing their makeup for them before their weddings.

They don’t care that Dahlia’s father Nachum drives the ambulance in Tekoa. Day and night he is called on to make the drive to Jerusalem, and that Dahlia’s mother cares tenderly for the elderly."

Instead, Palestinian drivers who intentionally crash into civilians to kill them,
are acclaimed heroes by Palestinian leaders.

The driver ran over Dahlia, then got out of his car and stabbed her to death!

Where is the outrage among Palestinians for such despicable murders?!

Take time to weep, take time to grieve for the loss of the innocent.

Weep for the family of the little infant intentionally murdered by a Palestinian militant.

Weep and grieve for Dahlia, an innocent civilian standing at a bus stop.

Weep for nearly 1,000 civilians killed by Israel's bombing of Gaza.

Weep for the 100 year old conflict in Palestine-Israel where evil rules the day.

Weep and demand a stop to this evil.

In the Light,

Daniel Wilcox

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