Friday, September 11, 2015

A Last Loss


Seek the moral compass
Round the world ringed that
Bleeds directed compass-ion;
Don’t pass by on the other side;
Be passionate
And encompass
Love’s Sphere

First pub. in The Mississippi Crow


A Last

Alas, grieving sorrow, tribulating
Don’t ask from where—
Yes, selah; “Across the Euphrates;”

Welted eyes, shadowed tears,
Wind-cuffed face with ‘fulled’ lashings

Of more less and less,
Wiping away
With wept wetness
In a downward swirling wet sweep,
The torn sky in
A multiple series of weeping losses,

The fall of all welling reveries
In the wreck--aging.

How long, how many tomorrow’s tomorrow
This a las—ting loss lostness?

First pub. in The New Verse News,
also in selah river


Sign of the Loss

The big multicolored circus tent
Of the termite company
their vast church

and its vaulted bell tower;

Only the broken point of the cross


Apexed alone

While below on the green,

A large cloth sign of striking letters

Whipped in the wind,

C e l e b r a t e R e c o v e r y—

A 12-Step Program

First pub. in Rubber Lemon
in different form, United Kingdom

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