Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Corny Quaker Humor #8: Politically Off

Like in movies and TV shows: This blog post doesn't necessarily represent--nor is it meant to create a precedent--the views of this station or its owner;-) or any Friends, cronies, or nuts
as for book illegalities: All the characters in this slapstick
comedy are real and accurate:-)

This time around the spam and spin and spar of the presidential election is even worse
than those horrible bad old days! Silence is olden'. "Sue! Sue!" shouted the Missouri
Quaker pig farmer. "Don't 'Show me' all that political hog wallow."
While many others are lamenting and rocking,
"Roll over William Penn."

So, I’ve lost my oats and am going home, down corn-pone way…

First, take this Friendly quiz:

Which one of these presidential candidates grew up in an historic peace church similar in many ways to the Quakers?

Ted Cruz?

You want to vote for a low rider candidate
from You-stun, Texas, who used to cruise ‘Cowlgary’
Boulevard up north?

Doesn’t anybody question his ‘birthright’?
Like the bomber, no legal father!
Born on an island so to speak.

'Bordering' on trouble too....


Donald Trump?

To all Christians at Liberty University,
…”that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope…

with a cry of command,
with the voice…
and sound of the trump of God.”
1 Thessalonians

"I’m all ears" is what the ‘hare’ said. Are they ‘rabids’?

Well, at least Trump and others aren't yet making
Americans kiss-up to them.
"Nayler and his followers refused to remove their hats
while Fox prayed, which Fox took as both a personal
slight and a bad example."
Then Nayler refused to kiss George Fox's hand, so
Geroge ordered Nayler to kiss his foot instead.
They parted angry.

Hmm...some things never change.


Hilary Clinton?

Hilarious! Surely you’re not serious. Do I detect a ‘clint’
in your eye?

Yes, we know ‘Hilary’ wants to reach the highest,
evermost peak, a real precedent.


Rand Paul?

Isn't he related to Ayn Rand?

With a little bit of Paul from Scripture?


Bernie Sanders?

People claim that if you use a sander for the body politic it will burn;-)

But with new ideas, one can burnish old things.


Marco Rubio?

His name doesn’t sound American. True, he was born in Florida--
‘close but no cigar.’
Remember his parents weren’t U.S. citizens.;-)

Just like Obama’s dad wasn’t; Obama was born in a U.S. 'terroritory.'
Anybody want to hop in that political pool
and play marco polo?
Just cruisin’ too.


Ben Carson?

Been moses' son? Would you buy an historic artifact
from this pyramid scheme?

He seems to ‘doctor’
the facts according to his own creation;-).


Carly Firoina?

Can you trust a business 'mogal' whose name is Carney Fear-orina?

Who uses guilt by association against
another candidate? She’s running an age old game.


Mike Huckabee?

Every time he gets the mike….what a hick to be claiming the
President is marching Jews. He's not at all like Elias Hicks.
More like those right-wing Quakers in Indiana in the 1920's.

And now he defends famous negligent
parents whose past has been ‘dug’ up. Surely you’re ‘joshing’?


Jeb Bush?

Don't 'jeb' us in the ribs.

And don't beat around the bush;
be honest about how your brother preysident said,
"I ran and I reck."


Trying to laugh my way up from the political darkness,

Daniel Wilcox

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