Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Strike Matches of Light Against War

"War is Hell!" said General Sherman, but he instituted one of the first intentional total-war attacks in modern history, where his invading army ravaged the American South. And he never regretted or admitted his war crimes.

They killed, burned, destroyed and stole food, animals, and treasures from impoverished civilians. A few of his Union soldiers even stole shoes from poor slaves! What an irony.

And in every generation since, millions of Americans, too, have strongly condemned war as wrong, but yet
contradictorily avidly defended
all their country's many war-attacks,
including the intentional slaughter
of hundreds of thousands of civilians,
as necessary,
even good.

What an absurdity so vividly captured in this dialog from MASH:

Just war is just injustice,
just slaughter,
just torture,
just cruelty,
just suffering,
just inequality,
just theft,
just lying,
just poverty,
just intolerance,
just harm,
just destruction,
just negation
just wrong...*

Let us fight against this Darkness

And strike matches of Light,

Daniel Wilcox

*from MCC poster

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