Thursday, November 3, 2016

America's Fixation on Political Insults While Millions...

How tragic and how immoral that Americans are fixated on political insults
and past behavior
of Trump and Hillary--hour after hour, day after day, month after month....

the terrible earthquake in Nepal which destroyed 800, 000 homes,
600,000 people still live in temporary housing.
Few Americans even know about this real tragedy
and need!

And in Syria over 400,000 precious humans have been slaughtered, millions wounded,

(Photo credit: ABU AMAR AL-TAFTANAZ/AFP/Getty Images)

millions turned into refugees...

YET Americans continue to support sending billions of dollars
for that and other wars:-(

Then there is Haiti and Iraq and Nigeria and Yemen and Somalia and Afghanistan...

And our own crises here...

BUT DID YOU SEE AND HEAR what so-n-so said

on CNN or FOX

about you know who?

Really obscenely unjust::-(

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