Sunday, August 6, 2017

Making an Effort to See Life from the Oppositions' Point of View

Notice the intense fracturing, again, of human communication across philosophical and political divides.

Think of all the billions of humans worldwide who demonize opposing people and their lifestances, who don't make an earnest effort to see and feel things from other people's perspectives.

This doesn't mean that you moderate what
you understand is ethically true;
all humans are equal,
BUT ideas and putting those ideas
into action aren't.
Many ideas are horrifically wrong
and need to be opposed nonviolently
with all of our effort and all of
our intellect and all of our
emotional strength.

HOWEVER, it does mean that we seek
to honestly understand others,
to approach them personally
with empathy and compassion,
realizing that most of the other
with very different worldviews
than our own, probably are as sincere
in what they believe as we are.

We need to speak the truth in compassion and kindness.

“Self-righteous politically homogeneous echo chambers,
where we support and encourage derision and suspicions about the “other side,”
end badly for everyone.

History’s...slavery, gulags, concentration camps, genocide, the removal of indigenous people…don’t stem from a bunch of folks committed to seeing things from another’s point of view.
These come from those convinced of their own righteousness.”
--Jason Boone
Peace and Justice Support Network
June 2017, Dove Tales, Mennonite Church, USA

In the Light,

Daniel Wilcox


Keith Saylor said...

"Many ideas are horrifically wrong and need to be opposed nonviolently with all of our effort and all of our intellect and all of our emotional strength."

It is discovered to me, through the inshinging Light upon my conscience, that participation in the process of intellectually and emotionally based opposition is an act of violence in itself. The process of wielding and identifying with outward intellectual and emotional forms and using these forms to oppose another form nurtures a cycle of violence. There is an alternative. It is to admonish all people to turn their intellectual and emotion over to the Light itself in their conscience and to be ruled and informed by that Light itself ... waiting upon the inshining impulse itself in itself without regard for outward intellectual constructs and emotion we are come out of the process of identification with outward ideological and emotional content and the Impulse itself is our sole guide and rule.

Acting under the rule and government of the Light itself in itself is not of the nature of ideological opposition. It is a conscience that is empathy itself because all participation in and identification with, outward ideological constructs is laid down and the inshinging Light itself take its rightful place upon its throne in the conscience. Until the very act of identification with outward forms for meaning and purpose is laid down; which is literally the personal experience of being and consciousness that is nonviolent, calls for peace and empathy are only a pretense the nurturement of war.

Daniel Wilcox said...

Keith, Thanks for your comment. However, as we already discussed I strongly disagree with your perspective, your ethical views, etc.

We even mean something entirely different by the word "light."

Semantics also play a huge role in human disagreements.

Keith Saylor said...

Hello Daniel. I would love to read more from you about the different meanings you've gleaned between our use of the word light. Also, I'm curious as to the ethical views you strongly disagree with. Should you wish, please feel free to email me directly at: