Sunday, January 19, 2020

A Good Book of Leaves Composts Through Our Winters

BOOKS--the wonder of humankind's written heritage, a treasure (though in some cases a horror).

A good book of leaves composts through our winters.
"decayed organic material (as of leaves and grass) used to improve soil especially for growing crops."
"to convert (a material, such as plant debris) to compost...
a mixture that consists largely of decayed organic matter and is used for fertilizing"
"We compost leaves in our backyard."
Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary

"...of Latin compositus, past participle of componere "to put together,"

Literature is a record of how humans come to terms with our own mortality and the meaning of time itself.
Alfred Kazan

To push back the darkness a little bit at a time, in the same flighty manner as lightening bugs.
David Thornbrugh

Writing [and reading and chewing on] a book is like taking a journey. You know where you want to go but you don’t always know who you might meet or what you might experience along the way.
Road Dahl

Reading a book often takes one far from one's own shores and locality.

Where has a great or good book taken you?

Has its leaves of meaning, story, characters and themes composted through difficult times in your life?

Book Reflections:

There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have been no societies that did not tell stories.
Ursula Le Guin

[Reading is a way to be part of the family of humanity] Costa Ricans felt compassion for Kosovo refugees because they had read The Diary of Anne Frank.
Robert Probst

Literature is a journey, not something to finish.
Robert Probst

[What about rereading stories and books?]
Do we say we don’t plan to ‘do summer’ this year since we’ve done it before?
Robert Probst

A book helps me make sense of my experience.
Robert Probst

Characters in the plot connect us with the vastness of our secret life, which is endlessly explorable.
Eudora Welty

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