Friday, September 4, 2020

"Half of U.S. Christians say casual sex between consenting adults is sometimes or always acceptable"--So contrary to what is true; contrary to moral realism

Wow! These PEW statistics show most Americans reject what is a central moral truth--that sexual relations ought to be lived in a life-long committed relationship of a loving couple. That sexual promiscuity is ALWAYS morally wrong.

So bizarre that even half of U.S. Christians say "casual sometimes or always acceptable."

What I am convinced of, however, is that moral realism is true--that fidelity and commitment are true for all humans.

But according to PEW not any longer.

FROM PEW: "Half of Christians say casual sex – defined in the survey as sex between consenting adults who are not in a committed romantic relationship – is sometimes or always acceptable. Six-in-ten Catholics (62%) take this view, as do 56% of Protestants in the historically Black tradition, 54% of mainline Protestants and 36% of evangelical Protestants."


Katya said...

It is a personal choice, Daniel, like any other. Do as you wish as long as you can handle the consequences, I say.

Daniel Wilcox said...

Hi Katya, Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope your life is going well. Are you still writing?

We clearly disagree. For one, I've seen the consequences of wrong moral choices in the lives of many humans--when I was working with emotionally disturbed teens at a mental hospital, in years of teaching at secular high schools, among friends and acquaintances, in history, etc.

The difficulty of "as long as you can handle the consequences" is that the individual who makes "a personal choice" doesn't only effect his own life but the lives of others.