Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The True Stories

From Beyond Ourselves

“Where do you get your stories?”

by Stanley W. Green of Mennonite Mission Network

"Poet Muriel Rukeyser suggests that 'the universe is made of stories, not atoms.'"

"Rukeyser’s observation reminds us that while we can advance our understanding of the discrete aspects of our lives (especially in the physical realm) through the analysis and identification of atomic and molecular structures, meaning is found in the stories that surround those physical particulars.

We were intrigued, inspired, and encouraged as we heard stories from our workers and partners that told of transformed lives and healing and hope that came into the lives of prostitutes, prisoners, drug addicts and alcoholics, among others.

It is so easy to become trapped within the horizon of our own stories—those of our family, our culture, and our country. When that happens, our view of world becomes truncated, even tribal. Our lives become fragmented and we lose sight of our connectedness to the rest of the world...This fosters alienation...may even lead to war and destruction.

When, however, we pay attention to these stories that come to us from beyond...we are able to weave all the fragments of our lives into a meaningful whole...

We are to become responsible global value sensitivity, learning and connection...The us to see and experience people around the world whom God loves...enrich our understanding of the global church and the context in which others seek to follow Jesus.

The world is filled with stories. Many are trivial, trite and banal.
[And he could have added, way too many are given to injustice and evil. But others] "help us to live into God’s vision...the larger story of God’s..."

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In the Light of God,

Daniel Wilcox

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