Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why the Violence at Penn State, Oakland, New York?

None of the violent protests whether in Oakland, Vancouver, D.C., New York...and now Penn State make any sense--
especially in the last case--students rioting in support! of a coach who failed to report sexual abuse! They turned over a news van, tore down light poles, threw cans, attacked police officers!

This is not an isolated incident but has been happening across the nation, even in Canada.

Of course there are superficial reasons--such as in the case of Penn State students, the loss of their favorite legendary coach. But I could sooner understand if the students rioted against the staff for not reporting the sexual abuse of one of their coaches!

Some blame the violence on the violent media these young adults have ingested since childhood, some blame the economy, some blame parents, some blame copy-cat phone messaging, some blame politicians, some blame God,some blame...

What do you think is the deep cause or causes of why so many young adults are turning to violent rioting, even attacking police officers?

In the Light and Peace of God,

Daniel Wilcox


Michael Snow said...

Because of their nihilistic world view and the lack of Light in the world to overcome it.

Daniel Wilcox said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for adding your comment.

Have a blessed season in Christ.

Daniel Wilcox