Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Droning On....Or Singing the Good News?

Droning On…Or Singing the Good News?

[Consider] “…the story of a little church in Memphis, Tennessee, the “buckle of the Bible belt.” During the ruckus over the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” in Manhattan, this little church learned that an Islamic center was being built next door so they put a sign saying “Heartsong Church Welcomes Memphis Islamic Center to the Neighborhood.” The Muslims were amazed, and deeply moved, and soon a friendship developed between these two neighboring congregations.

During Ramadan the Christians let the Muslims use their sanctuary for prayers since Islamic Center wasn’t finished. This story got world-wide coverage. One night Muslims from Kashmir called the pastor of the Heartsong church to let him know: “God is speaking to us through this man” and “We love you.” The Muslims of Kashmir said there was a little Christian church in their area and they cleaned it, inside and out, and vowed to take care of it for the rest of their lives.

Wallis asked: 'What is more likely to bring peace to the world, drones or what this Memphis church did?'” [in the new book On God’s Side by Jim Wallis of Sojourners’ Magazine]

From L A Quaker

What a witness of God's love for everyone that small church gave.

Part 5 of my series on marriage as covenant will show up next time.

In the Light,

Daniel Wilcox

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