Monday, July 21, 2014

BAN HAMAS, and all other religious and political thugs...

BAN HAMAS, and all other religious and political thugs who treat humans as cannon fodder!

Gazing on Gaza

Like Samuel, Vonnegut gets called up from the grave

to say—
Judge for yourself,
No one’s got eyes
To see, no one with a Kingly, Martin sort of vision/dream;
Only strident martinets
Now heaving/hurling—ethically sick,
While UN diplomats ‘jawbone’ us to death
With nice resolutions; Samsonlite…

Where has their gaze gone
(I mean gaza)?
Samson’s at it again
Bringing the building down

Because he’s lost his gaze or gaza;
Only covered women (and children)
Walking wounded,
Or buried, burned, abandoned

Like the 4 youths (3 versus 1),
Or cowering from the rockets
In Tel Aviv and Gaza City

No Delilah here;
Just Philistine rage and Samson’s might,
And many less hairs,( er heirs)...

Judges 15-16

Side note:

As you can imagine, since I lived there, knowing both
Palestinians and Israelis, this tragedy gets to me and
brings out the sarcastic.

Brief Bio:

Daniel Wilcox's wandering lines have appeared in many magazines
including Word Riot, Write Room, Camel Saloon, Dead Snakes,
and Unlikely Stories IV. Three large collections of his published
poetry are in print.

Before that, he hiked through Nebraska, Cal State University Long Beach
(Creative Writing), Montana, Pennsylvania, Europe, Palestine/Israel,
Arizona...Now he resides with his wife on the central coast of California.

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