Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Pull-Out Coyote

Last September 2013 on our vacation in Yosemite, we saw this lone coyote standing by the side of the road, still as a statue...

The Pull-Out Coyote

Seven cars full of gawkers, so touristy,
Surrouded a rather chubby coyote
Standing still in forested Yosemite.

The excited travelers near Glacier Point
Grouped in the crowded National Park pull-out
Yanked up their cameras and cellphones for shots.

Such roving animals very seldom pause
In attention for us curious humans;
I wondered if this solo wild one here was

Wounded, rabid, dazed and confused, or sicker
But later when we stopped to ask a Ranger,
He said, "No, not likely--that's the sly trickster

Who stands like a furred statue for large handouts.
He's smarter than your average human huckster;
You know, the demanding ones by red stop lights

At busy road spots mooching for more money.
In contrast, this very cunning coyote
Has picked his eat-stop with parking a plenty,

Lots of room for his so friendly attendants
To pull off the highway with scrumptious treats."
If this master of the show doffed a Stetson,

We watchers wouldn't have been at all startled,
But surely have expected it from this coyot.
Ever see a critter pull tourists from his hat?


In the Light-Heart,

Daniel Wilcox

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