Sunday, July 26, 2015

Taking the Belief Survey Again

In my search for what is true, good, and compassionate, I often strongly wish I had a larger community with which to identify, share, seek, search, and work, so find myself retaking this Belief-O-Matic Survey.

I've taken the quiz a few times over the last 10 years. Intriguing, how today, again, I came out as 100% liberal Friend.

But strange--yet not so strange--how my percentage for conservative Christianity keeps going down. Reached an all time low today of only 40%.

But, my deepest values and ethical views haven't changed, not since I was about 19. Rather Christianity has changed, gone off into the abyss.

Another intriguing change is that I came out 100% UU. Didn't expect that, though when I think about my intellectual, skeptical, and keen focus on seeking truth and human rights and social concern, it fits in the old 19th century sense of the UU.

What wonderful changes could occur in the world, especially in Palestine/Israel if more and more humans would turn to the radical peace-seeking movement across the years.

Like liberal Quakerism, Unitarian/Universalism was a grand tradition of seeking and bringing change.

Of course every movement for change has its dark side too, its own skeletons in its spiritual closet.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde inhabit all social and spiritual movements. Only by constant reflection and self-correcting in humbleness can we humans make a difference.

What a loss is some of the current Quaker movement, even gone to declaring there is no truth to seek! And UU's have lost their deep quest for truth!

Gone to the superstitious, the new age, yet anti-religious, yet still practicing--for who knows why--archaic Protestant church rituals. About a year ago I visited one UU meeting. Dreary and superficial:-( I tried to be friendly and positive, but got the cold shoulder. Though I signed up for their email news letter, it never came.
I guess the views were mutual. Haven't been back.

Liberal Quakerism 100 percent

religious icon 100% Unitarian Universalism
religious icon 36% Seventh-day Adventists
religious icon 69% Bahá'í Faith
religious icon 37% Roman Catholicism
religious icon 47% Church of Christ, Scientist
religious icon 40% Conservative Christian Protestant
religious icon 27% Eastern Orthodox Christianity
religious icon 50% Hinduism
religious icon 56% Islam
religious icon 85% Jainism
religious icon 63% Liberal Christian Protestantism
religious icon 61% Mahayana Buddhism
religious icon 48% Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
religious icon 61% New Age
religious icon 57% New Thought
religious icon 45% Orthodox Judaism
religious icon 65% Orthodox Quakerism
religious icon 59% Reformed Judaism
religious icon 68% Scientology
religious icon 62% Secular Humanism
religious icon 64% Sikhism
religious icon 67% Taoism
religious icon 71% Theravada Buddhism
religious icon 45% Jehovah's Witnesses
religious icon 40% Neo-Paganism
religious icon 50% Atheism

See for yourself where you journey:

In the Light,

Daniel Wilcox

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