Friday, July 17, 2015

The Best and Worst List

While I continue to work on various long writing projects, I decided to get down a quick list of my favorites and the dissed--the best and worst about living, from the vital and significant to the mundane and inane:-)


Creative Writing--love getting the writer's flow, so into creating that one misses lunch, stays barnacled to the chair, streaming word rivers.

Swimming, snorkeling, backpacking, hiking, photographing

Transcendence/Ought--our ability of alternative choice, freedom, and creativity

Compassion, equality, human rights, honesty, kindness, empathy, truth-seeking, non-violence, forgiveness, fidelity, mercy, justice, gentleness, generosity, courage, perseverance

Long in-depth discussions and acceptance and sharing with others, even brief meaningful talk and/or joking at checkout lines

Getting published, achieving accolades

Why Questions, philosophical reflections and discussions

Libertarian-democratic socialist, parliamentary form of government

Romantic dates

Traveling, hopefully weekly outings, and at least one out-of-state vacation a year; visiting foreign countries in depth (though I no longer have the means or the stamina for that)

Energy of youth and early adult years



Humor, puns, jokes

Long historical tomes, scholarly biographies
The Great Upheaval by Jay Wink, Albion's Seed by David Hackett Fischer, Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder, Ringside Seat to a Revolution by David Dorado

Scientific books especially on astronomy, cosmology, anthropology, geology, biology, etc.
How It Ends by Chris Impey, The Ancestor's Tale by Richard Dawkins

Philosophy, worldview study
The Whys of a Philosophical Scrivener by Martin Gardner, Sophie's World by Josteen Gaarder

Imagistic and narrative poetry

Art especially oil and tempera scenes, Impressionism, Expressionism, Realism, Van Gogh, Goya

Movies, TV Mini-series and shows—The Stand, Heaven and Earth (Vietnam War), Sommersby, Savior, Bruce Almighty, What Dreams May Come, Sleepy Hollow, Terminator 2, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Breaking Bad

In books—vivid suspenseful speculative/futuristic/alternate-history plots, and long historical fiction

Music-- Folk rock, ballads, rockabilly, hard rock, catchy worship music

Mountain Dew , in all flavors—Pitch Black, Distortion, Livewire, Regular, Baja Blast, Sangria Blast, Code Red, Game Fuel

Food--This became more significant after middle age:
Crab rolls, cream of crab soup, King Crab
Blackened Alaskan salmon, seasoned tilapia, cod, Cajun catfish, etc.
Wedge-cut seasoned French fries
Fish Veracruz-style

Pizza—thick buttery crust, lots of cheese, mushrooms, red peppers…
Rubio's grilled gourmet fish, Taco Bell's Baja Chalupa
Hot peppers such as jalapeƱos and spicy sauces (enough to make my ears smoke;-)
Kiwis, oranges, blackberries, razzle berry pie, large figs

Weather—sunny, hot and dry (from 85 degrees to 95)

Places—Pacific Coastline, Yosemite, Redwoods, Grand Canyon, Hawaii, especially Maui beaches, Sierras, Big Sur, tall trees

Historical trips such as C.W. Trails and Museums of Virginia and South Carolina

Animals—cats:-) hamsters, meerkats, dolphins, whales, seals, otters, beavers, talking parrots, song birds such as meadowlarks, hummingbirds, raccoons, iguanas, spiders; Sea World, zoos

Architecture—Modern Wright-style, Victorian

To be continued--

In the Light,

Daniel Wilcox


Yekaterina Haussler said...

Hi Dan,
So good to know about the things you like.
Philosophical discussions (followed by - or accompanied by - good food and wine) is also one of my favorites. :)
All the best,

Daniel Wilcox said...

Though finding discussions as one ages is difficult. I remember with great longing for the deep discussions we had as young adults.
At one hostel in central Europe, where there were people from 12 different countries, we had a vivid discussion on the nature of ultimate reality for hours, until about 2 or 3 am!