Thursday, October 29, 2015

Support Rabbis for Human Rights

Support the wonderful work of Rabbis for Human Rights. Here's a little of the human rights work and social improvement for all people that RHR does:

"The planting of approximately 3,000 olive trees every year in areas in danger of takeover, or where [Israeli] settlers have previously cut, uprooted or burned trees.

"Coordination with approximately 50 Palestinian villages in the West Bank during the annual olive harvest has ensured over the last ten years the rights of thousands of farmers to plant, harvest and prune their olive trees in areas at-risk for settler orchestrated attacks."

"Our public housing advocacy program in Beit Shean was voted one of the two outstanding projects of the year (out of 130 competing projects) by the Jezreel Valley College in 2012.

RHR members stand with and help Palestinian olive farmers:

"On Friday October 23 2015, Rabbi Ascherman was attacked
by [a Jewish] extremist armed
with a knife
near the outposts of the Itamar settlement
[an illegal Israeli settlement in the center of Palestine]."

"Palestinians and RHR staff then spotted Israelis stealing from the very same olive grove
and they informed the security forces.
The DCO (Army liason unit that coordinates
the harvest) soon arrived and took ID information
from the thieves."

"In a nearby wadi, other Israelis set Palestinian olive trees on fire."

"Because the security forces didn’t answer, Rabbi Arik Ascherman
went up to try to film the fire and the perpetrators."

"While focused on the Israelis still far away, he failed to notice an additional masked Israeli who surprised him from the side.
He began throwing rocks at Rabbi Ascherman, and threatened him with a knife."

"Rabbi Ascherman tried to back away, while facing his attacker and trying to protect a journalist who had come up with him."

"However, the attacker was kicking him and swinging the knife at Rabbi Ascherman as he was backing down the steep hill."

"Rabbi Ascherman lost his balance. Realizing that the attacker could at that point easily crush his skull with a rock or stab
him, Rabbi Ascherman decided that he had no choice
but to grab the leg of his attacker."

"At that point, the attacker positioned himself on Rabbi Ascherman’s back, and could have easily stabbed him. He chose not to do so, and instead ran away.
Rabbi Ascherman said that he and a number of activists who had come remained on the hill so that the Israelis would also stay, and the security forces would have a chance to apprehend them."

"However, the security forces didn’t arrive until after a army jeep arrived below, causing the Israelis to run away."

To read more about Rabbis for Human Rights, please url on over to RHR's website:

In the Light,

Daniel Wilcox

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