Friday, March 4, 2016

George Orwell Made this Happen in the Presidential Debates

'Erroric's the Arthur, Blairing';-)...
George (the old Fox or Orwell? definitely not the Fox Channel)
stood up in the debate meeting and interrupted the pontificating, deluded leaders--

after last night's TV debacle...

Spring down

Another fox slitter
of sly sniveling,
sneering ‘sludge’-hammering,
champaigned driveling...
or sparkled whining;

this political smatter
a propped (take) a gander--
that’s a great car, son, said the ad,

and the
mad hatted rubik cube or rubio-cruz,
all these 'publicans and demoncrats--
all these trumpets and hilariousites

d a n c e d across the historical stage;

yes, more gaffes
got staged;

don’t take such bait;
feel the burn.

No jangle in all this jingoism;
fall down, chrusteites,
huckersterbeites, bushed and appalled...

Instead spring up!

forget voted offerings to the god malware

in this mad alice’d animal farm

-Daniel Wilcox

Rejected by the NVN magazine, not published last week:-)


Oh, Has-Been-No-Be, what did you start?!

Lost in the 'maize';-)

Daniel Wilcox

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