Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Shimmering Pebbles in the Light Stream

wind shimmer

dying leaves fluttering
oaks and aspen into glory

-Daniel Wilcox

Lapping Ideas

Backstroking across the ceiling
white gulls of light arching
wing refraction

from high intensity bulbs above
that shekel-flash on blue body waves of the pool
bright incandescent--transcendent--lights

swimming in this liquid marble
strikes of 'lightening' broken
and broken on the waves
like archetypes that shimmer in this cavern...

First pub. in The Centrifugal Eye,
also in Front Porch Review

red ruin

red canyon
below a forrest rim
beneath that arch of power
in the monolith of rock,

a sheer cliff
and beyond,
breaking down
in the abyss
of history


walking the night

saplings blacken along
the sidewalk against the misted night,

a refracted light sky over
wrought iron candelabras on stands
in the coasted evening

First pub. in Writer’s Ink


surreal morning

bulky morro rock f l o a t s
heavy on the narrow gray
ocean fog strata, sedimentary air

while the ocean's soapy crashing
churns combustible froth
and advances up the shore;

the sun, orange
in the fogged foam below

the floating ghost ship

First pub. in Erbacce,
United Kingdom


Human Imitation

North of Duluth
I muse, mentally drooling
Over lake-shrouded woods,

Jotting scribble notes and
Fumbling with my camera lens,

Then I spot the enormous moose.

First pub. in Bigger Stones


Cambria in Gray

Down the fogged
June of ocean
Road gloom,
Smog of a coastal fire,
Sparked mistake;

Black and white flakes
Confetti ash down,
Cover our hood and roof
Gray ‘mourning’--
Dust to dust,
Ash to ash

First pub. in
The Houston Literary


sunset beach

on the beach street,
date palms stood up
in the crimson sky
feather dusting
the dusky night


A purple jacaranda
van-goghed our clay yard
violet-peppering into paint,


Rock Life

White-capped wind roars around
Huge volcanic buttes swimming north
Off the Oregon Coast

Like asymmetrical gray whales
Leaving splashing trails of white water
Behind in the slate green ocean

Yes, waves churning around
The behemoths, frothing

First pub. The Houston
Literary Review


after the loss

all my nerves torn loose
in the streets dancing jangles
staccatoed electric wires
ripped loose from our telephone
souled dangerous lightning night

First pub. in Mad Swirl


her strands

lighter than hair plain
her cascade of sunned strands--
his flight of calloused hands

First pub. in Writer's Ink


our ranch bed

icebergs in puddles
by her wet cowboy boots--
our global warming


shadowed garden

in the long backlawn,
ansel-adam shadows

grow in the late afternoon
extending across the grass,
shading the steel dog dish.

the hula hoop, and wagon--
a one-dimensional garden
slowly tended
by the leaving sun
only to be hoed under by the dusk

First pub. in
The Green Silk Journal


Southern Utah

eye-widening rock,
brilliant sheened sharp
pastels bold in this sun-lighted reign
of million'd wonder,

this rock garden
sandstone temple of
Absolute Being


Live Branch Reach

Writhing twists of growing
Corded effort stretched
Out westward

From the knotted
Shadow dark
Bright sunlight
On the contorted
Slow-year braided flow,

Dry boulders,
On the sand-creeked

Stretched wooden waves

Intertwined effort
Live branch reach

Flowing west with new green growth
Behind and above
The under shadows
On that barred river sand,

Living driftwood river

First published in
Western Friend Magazine,
also in Willows Wept Review and
selah river poetry collection

In the Light,

Daniel Wilcox

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