Wednesday, July 13, 2016



not dumbing, not plumbed down,
not dumbwaiving for godot,
no snare

but God inspired;
no theological
smart aleck dolt,
no horrific tulips
of the poisonous
calvin’s sort

no foreordained inscrutables
no despairing dilemmas

instead that everlasting jolt
of infinite compassion

fearless locutions from the heart,
--not verbal or literal executes--

generous movements
of comfort and actions for the lost,

the needy, the hurt,
all those who suffer,
and even those who surfeit;

all inclusive, all in one,

walking with the sun on the water
of the moment


-Daniel Wilcox

In the Light,

Daniel Wilcox


Scooter said...

Interesting poetry Daniel. Obviously, Reformed theology has fallen on hard times in your books. You state that the 5 petals of the tulip acrostic are poisonous. I would strongly disagree but I'm wondering why you believe so?

Scooter said...

Never mind Daniel-I read a couple of your other posts and see your Arminian leanings which underscore your rejection of the Reformed theology.
Thanks anyway.

Daniel Wilcox said...

Scooter, Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

If you haven't read my response to your last comment on the blog of a few days ago. please do so. There I explain why I hate Reformed theology with all of my heart and all of my mind.

The God I worship is a completely different God than the God of Reformed theology.

Also, I doubt that I am an Arminian, though I do agree with John Wesley (one of my heroes), when he wrote that he would rather be an atheist than believe in the God of Reformed theology, a "tyrant."