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A 13-Year-Old Stabbed to Death in Her Bed! Palestinians-Israelis Need to Turn To Pinker's Book.

"Hallel Ariel stabbed to death, June 30, 2016 by Palestinian, Photo from Ariel family
Elisha Ben-Kimon, Elior Levy|Last update: 30.06.16 , 10:56

"The Palestinian terrorist climbed over the security fence surrounding the Harsanina neighborhood, infiltrated one of the houses located just yards away from the fence, and stabbed Ariel, critically wounding her."

"The girl suffered from stab wounds all across her upper body, and was evacuated to the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem where she later died of her wounds."

Hallel was asleep in her bed when murdered. Her bedroom where she was murdered by Muslim Mohamed Taraireh

Yet the Palestinian Authority had to this to say
of Mohamed Taraireh who stabbed a girl to death in her bed:

Official Fatah media Facebook page read (in Arabic): “Martyr shot dead by the occupation east of Hebron.”

“Image of the martyr Mohamed Taraireh, who carried out the operation today that resulted in the death of a settler and the injury of another settler.”

Palestinian 17-year-old Mohammed Taraireh of Bani Na'im, near Kiryat Arba. "Martyr" Taraireh slaughtered Hallel in her bed!

The killer's mother declared, "My son is a hero. He made me proud. My son died as a martyr defending Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque..."

Head of the Kiryat Arba regional council Malachi Levinger said "We are very hurt by this situation. This is a well known family in town. This is an unusual event – it's been a long time since someone has infiltrated into our settlement. It's a tough event, but it won't break us."

President Reuven Rivlin:"On behalf of the people of Israel, I send my condolences to the family at this difficult time, and offer strength to all the residents of Kiryat Arba."

"This terror by teenagers, incited by an education of blood libels given by their leaders must be stopped. We will fight it to the bitter end, firmly and without compromise."

"We will uproot the terrorists and those who dispatch them. We will insist on continuing to build our lives here, without terror, with the continuing commitment to cement our national home, and strengthen Israel. There is a a long and demanding road ahead.",7340,L-4822376,00.html

Strangely, Israelis fail to see that when they steal Palestinian land, water, destroy their crops,
bulldoze their orchards and their homes,
intimidate, oppress, and,
worst of all, also, murder Palestinians,
it is typical human nature for Palestinians to seek revenge against Israelis.

These unethical actions of Israelis doesn't make it just or right for Palestinians to murder an innocent girl in bed,
or to stab a 70-year-old Jewish woman at a bus stop, etc.
as Steven Pinker shows so clearly in his book The Better Angels of Our Nature, both sides are guilty, not only Palestinian Muslims.

Both sides continue to refuse to ask forgiveness for their past injustices and killings and oppression--

Both sides continue to claim exclusive right to the land of Palestine/Israel--

Both sides keep seeing the whole conflict of the last 150 years only from their own perspective,

from their own story,

as if they are innocent, and all the guilt and evil happening is fault of the other.

From Steven Pinker:

"The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians stands in many people’s minds today as the nastiest ongoing cycle of deadly revenge."

"Not even Pollyanna would claim to have the key to solving it. But the applied psychology of reconciliation bears out the vision of the Israeli novelist Amos Oz on what a solution will have to look like:
"Tragedies can be resolved in one of two ways:...strewn with dead bodies and maybe there’s some justice hovering high above
"on the other hand, ends with everybody disillusioned, embittered, heartbroken, disappointed, absolutely shattered, but still alive. And I want a Chekhovian resolution, not a Shakespearean one, for the Israeli/Palestinian tragedy." page 547

"The political scientists William Long and Peter Brecke took up the question in their 2003 book War and Reconciliation: Reason and Emotion in Conflict Resolution."

"They selected 114 pairs of countries that fought an interstate war from 1888 to 1991, together with 430 civil wars."

"When it came to international disputes, emotional gestures made little difference. Long and Brecke identified 21 international reconciliation events and compared the ones that clearly cooled down the belligerents with the ones that left them as disputatious as ever. The successes depended not on symbolic gestures but on costly signaling. The leader of one or both countries made a novel, voluntary, risky, vulnerable, and irrevocable move toward peace that reassured his adversary that he was unlikely to resume hostilities."

"Anwar Sadat’s 1977 speech to the Israeli parliament is the prototype. The gesture was a shocker, and it was unmistakably expensive, later costing Sadat his life. But it led to a peace treaty that has lasted to this day."

"The psychology of forgiveness, recall, works best when the perpetrator and victim are already bound by kinship, friendship, alliance, or mutual dependence."

[Note that none of this is true of Jews versus Muslims, Israelis versus Palestinians.]

"Long and Brecke studied 11 reconciliation events since 1957 that symbolically terminated a civil conflict. With 7 of them (64 percent) there was no return to violence. That figure is impressive: among conflicts that did not have a reconciliation event, only 9 percent saw a cessation of violence."

"The common denominator to the success stories, they found, was a set of conciliation rituals that implemented a symbolic and incomplete justice rather than perfect justice or none at all. Just as a microphone near a loudspeaker can amplify its own output and create an earsplitting howl, retributive justice that visits new harm on the perpetrators can stoke the desire for retaliation in a spiral of competitive victimhood."

"The prototype for reconciliation after a civil conflict is South Africa...Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu instituted a system of restorative rather than retributive justice to heal the country after decades of violent repression and rebellion under the apartheid regime.

"As with the tactics of the Rights Revolutions, Mandela and Tutu’s restorative justice both sampled from and contributed to the pool of ideas for nonviolent conflict resolution. Similar programs, Long and Brecke discovered, have cemented civil peace in Mozambique, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and El Salvador. They identify four ingredients of the success..."

#1 "The first is a round of uncompromised truth-telling and acknowledgment of harm. It may take the form of truth and reconciliation commissions, in which perpetrators publicly own up to the harms they did, or of national factfinding committees, whose reports are widely publicized and officially endorsed. These mechanisms take direct aim at the self-serving psychology that stokes the Moralization Gap."

"Though truth-telling sheds no blood, it requires a painful emotional sacrifice on the part of the confessors in the form of shame, guilt, and a unilateral disarmament of their chief moral weapon, the claim to innocence."

#2 "...successful reconciliations is an explicit rewriting of people’s social identities. People redefine the groups with which they identify. The perpetual victims of a society may take responsibility for running it."

"Rebels become politicians, bureaucrats, or businesspeople. The military surrenders its claim to embody the nation and demotes itself to their security guards."

#3 "...the most important: incomplete justice. Rather than settling every score, a society has to draw a line under past violations and grant massive amnesty while prosecuting only the blatant ringleaders and some of the more depraved foot soldiers."

"Even then the punishments take the form of hits to their reputation, prestige, and privileges rather than blood for blood."

"There may, in addition, be reparations, but their restorative value is registered more on an emotional balance sheet than a financial one. Long and Brecke comment: In every instance of successful reconciliation save Mozambique justice was meted out, but never in full measure."

"In all cases of successful reconciliation, retributive justice could neither be ignored nor fully achieved.... Disturbing as it may be, people appear to be able to tolerate a substantial amount of injustice wrought by amnesty in the name of social peace."

"...peel off the bumper sticker that says “If you want peace, work for justice.”

"Replace it with the one recommended by Joshua Goldstein: “If you want peace, work for peace.”

#4 Finally, the belligerents have to signal their commitment to a new relationship with a burst of verbal and nonverbal gestures."

“Legislatures passed solemn resolutions, peace accords were signed and embraces exchanged by heads of formerly rival groups, statues and monuments to the tragedy were erected, textbooks were rewritten...

[What the Palestinians must do immediately--rewrite the inaccurate history in their textbooks that they give their kids and teens!]

"The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians stands in many people’s minds today as the nastiest ongoing cycle of deadly revenge. Not even Pollyanna would claim to have the key to solving it...

"...the applied psychology of reconciliation bears out the vision of the Israeli novelist Amos Oz on what a solution will have to look like..."

Or Israels will continue to steal Palestinian land, water, destroy their crops, bulldoze their orchards and their homes, intimidate, oppress, and, also, murder Palestinians
Palestinians will continue to seek revenge.

Like this today:-(

"Shooting attack at family car kills father, wounds mother and two children"

"A father has been killed, a mother critically wounded, and two children—a 15-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl—injured in a shooting attack, which took place on Friday afternoon on route 60 in the southern West Bank between Beit Hagai and Otniel."

The murdered man was Rabbi Michael (Miki) Mark, his wounded wife is Chava, and the boy and girl present in the car are Pedayah and Tehila, respectively. The couple have ten children in total."

Ynet reporters

The shot car--Photo: West Bank Emergency Services

"...the family was driving in their car when the tailing terrorist...opened fire. At least 19 shots were fired, and the attacked family's car flipped as the driver was shot. All members of the family were wounded from the car's flipping, and the boy was the only person in the car who does not appear to have been struck with a bullet."

"The terrorists then fled the scene in their vehicle...

Yoav Zitun, Rotem Elizera, and Elisha Ben Kimon contributed to this report.,7340,L-4822953,00.html

Dear Israelis and Palestinians (among whom I used to live) please turn from the Darkness and seek the Light,

Daniel Wilcox

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