Monday, June 26, 2017

Distorting and Deleting History: Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee

The UGLY facts about Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee,
and the UGLY falsehood of current American actions:

#1 Both Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee were racists. Both thought Negroes were inferior to Whites.

#2 Both invaded another country.

#3 Both were convinced that God was the cause of war, etc.

#4 Both wanted ALL Negroes to leave the United States and move to another country. Even during the Civil War, Lincoln worked toward getting all Negroes to leave the U.S., and Lincoln kept Negroes enslaved in the Union during all of the Civil War until 1865!
Lee, following the will of his father-in-law, freed his wife's slaves in 1862. But Lee wanted the U.S. to be "rid" of Negroes, too.

#5 Both were responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of humans, the wounding of millions, etc.

#6 Yet both claimed to care for their enemies.

ETC. (and other intriguing immoral similarities)

And they had some similar good points.

of the U.S. NOW:

Americans are taking down the statues of Robert E. Lee
NOT the statues of Abraham Lincoln!

What hypocrisy and what misguided deleting of history. EVERY human leader is a mixed bag of good and evil.

It is very important to teach the general public and youth both their good points and their evil points.
We learn from history by studying it, not deleting it, not taking statues and memorial down.

From the ol' American literature-history teacher,

Daniel Wilcox


ComplacencyGoingKillYou said...

Mr. Wilcox,

Here is your lesson for the day.

The statue does not preserve or prevent the distortion of history. Why? History is indestructible, unwavering, and finite. History is preserved through people. History is preserved through story telling, not a stone.

As humans there are a numerous numbers of acts, good and evil that we commit. Some that we are able to come back from and some that as a society we do not come back from. Slavery is something no man or woman should come back from, let alone be praised and preserved for.

We scorn criminals committed of much lower crime to never see the light of day again. Even criminals who have paid for there crimes experience the oppression and weight of society once freed. Tossed to and fro in a system that has strategically been manufactured to keep us in a lower class.

So, sure! Lets build a statue for men who owned, supported, and murdered an unfathomable amount of slaves and other Americans to get us to this point. These are the type men who deserve to be memorialized. While your at it, build Bill Cosby a statue too.

All your worth is in a Rock.

Daniel Wilcox said...

Hmm...Maybe you need to read a few scholarly biographies of Robert E. Lee.

It appears that we have a completely different understanding of history, especially American history.

Like ALL humans, Robert E. Lee was a mixture of good and evil views, good and evil actions.

And I am a committed social activist, abolitionist, etc., (since early 1960's MLK has been my central hero).

Based upon my knowledge of history, despite Lee's failings, if I had to choose, I would rather rather see a statue of him left up and most of the statues of other famous American leaders, who were far worse than him, taken down.

So we disagree. But thanks for commenting.