Saturday, November 21, 2015

Islam and the Question of Sharia Law

These 3 statistical graphs show
how dangerous and wrong Islam
is and why all those
concerned with truth, justice,
and goodness need to oppose
it in all its various

Of course, a thorough reading of very bad
current events going on in Islamic countries
and in Palestine/Israel, and in France show
the horror in detail--
persecution, imprisonment, denial of
freedom of religion, speech, and the press,
subjugation of women, little girl
female mutilation, stabbings,
honor killings, executions, crucifying,
bombings of civilians and of other
Muslim groups, and so forth.

At the same time as our dedicated opposition to the horrific religion, we need to be compassionate, generous, and helpful in helping individual Muslims escape this false destructive way of life.

And we need to be aware that there are some progressive Muslims who do reject Sharia Law, reject the eternal perfection of the Qur'an, reject the unjust and immoral actions of Muhammad, reject jihad, etc. We ought to enlist their aid.

Please write letters for human rights groups, share your resources with aid agencies who are helping refugees escape from the slaughter, and offer a better hope than the false deceptions of Muhammad and Muslim leaders since.

There are many good books on Islam. I've read too many to list. One of the most personable and powerful is Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Her autobiography is startlingly suspenseful and emotionally impassioned. She shares of her growing up as an African Muslim, her forced marriage, and her escape to the Netherlands. There she tried to oppose the wrongs of Islam, especially the many Islamic honor killings in that society, but she was persecuted for her stand for freedom.

Muslim women in the secular society of the Netherlands

Eventually, she moved to the U.S. The powerful book is in many ways so different from the fictional but accurate view of Islam in A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini (the novel about a girl growing up Muslim in Afghanistan). But both books are so tragically similar in showing how horrific life is in Islamic countries and even in sections of secular countries where mullahs hold sway.

Because of the craziness and evil of Islam in her life, Ayaan has rejected religion. She has to have body-guards to protect her from the millions of Muslims who think she should be killed for rejecting Islam.
Outstanding book.

Live in the Light,

Daniel Wilcox


Yekaterina Haussler said...

Daniel, I feel you try to blame the religion for the actions of IS groups.
Do we need to be rid of Christian religion, too, because of the Crusades and today's intolerance (in Russia)? How about... I don't know... witchcraft and Paganism - because it's not "safe" or "healthy" or "right"?
With that kind of mind set - if it goes viral - it's not going to be long before all religions are "banned." I doubt, though, that it is going to make any difference for the refugees or the victims of the IS.
Thank you,

Daniel Wilcox said...

Hi Katya,

Nope, this article isn't even about IS which is a fringe group.

The article is about all orthodox Islam. It's about the many books I've read on the Muslim religion, the 4 biographies on Muhammand, and other histories on Islam. It's about the two Muslim leaders I met that spring who defended the worst aspects of Islam. It's about all the Muslims I've known since 1967.

Look at the graphic statistics again. Read about how horrifically Islam has treated individuals such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and many, many other former Muslims.

Look at how Saudi Arabia executes humans just for praying:-( Heck, the mullas there won't even let women drive cars. Don't forget about little girl female mutilation:-( Something like 75-80% of Muslim parents in Egypt support female mutilation.

Look at what the Sunnis and Shia Islamic opposition nations are doing to each other in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people slaughtered in the name of Allah, exactly like Muhammad commands in the Qur'an. Saudi Arabia's Muslim leaders even
still crucify prisoners!

Muslims have slaughtered over 250,000 civilians in Syria alone.

Then there's the terrible fact of many Muslims marrying off young girls to old men.:-(

As for the Christian religion, don't get me started on that.
There is so much horrific news now by Christians, I feel ashamed that I ever was a Christian.

But thanks for stopping by and sharing your contrary perspective.

Yekaterina Haussler said...

I am not much for "statistics", as my personal experiences tend to contradict them.
I am extremely uncomfortable with someone who is essentially calling to abolish all ways of life, except for the one he/she is comfortable with, based on one's personal experience only.
I am sorry that your experience with Islam and Muslims was negative. I suppose, at this stage we can either talk face to face, or go our separate ways.
If you wish to meet for a discussion, please let me know. Otherwise, I wish you the best.
Thank you,

Daniel Wilcox said...

Katya, Hopefully sometime you and Joe and I can get together for a friendly discussion.

I'm not trying to be negative.
And this has nothing to do with me being "comfortable."

Millions are suffering murders, rapes, and mistreatment because of Islam. It is so tragic:-(

Only a mile and a half from our kibbutz, Muslims attacked and shot many innocent people in an apartment building!
Muslim young men back then in Nablus, who were nice to me, wanted to kill Jews.:-(

I write letters for Amnesty International for innocent people who are imprisoned, tortured. And didn't you see the post of several days back about the poor girl
who is being forced to marry an old man?:-(

And the last couple of days Muslims have been stabbing innocent people, running over innocent people in their cars:-( all in the name of Allah:-(

Most Muslims feel this way. It is very tragic.

Didn't you also see my positive posts such as for Khalida and about the Grinch and Grouch?:-)

Anonymous said...

Dont you dare relate the Crusades to what muslims are doing TO THIS DAY. The crusades were short battles for land and to maintain the word of Christ in the Holy Land of Jerusalem. That was centuries ago. Muslim war against the west is STILL GOING ON TODAY. They seek to destroy our cultures and religions and replace everything with Islam and Sharia. Theyve been doing it since Muhammad told them to, and they wont stop until we stop them.

Muslim said...

Anonymous, The crusaides were first of all for two centuries long, so they were not short battles
and you shouldn't say that all 1.8 billion muslims are bad. Have you seen all 1.8 billion muslims trying to destroy the World. NO you haven't . You have only seen groups such as ISIS and others trying to do that.
YOu should also not try to not define our religion. IF you dont know what jihad really is you should not define it. Have you read our sharia or our book. No you have not. How would you like it if i defined your religion incorrectly and started preaching it to others.
On the Muslims part it could be that they are just evil, ignorant and really dont care about the religion. True muslims, the muslims who are supposed to be for peace call them hypocrytes

Daniel Wilcox said...

I agree with you that some Muslims oppose war and oppression. Recently, I met a liberal Muslim who is running for the legislature. He thinks women have the same rights as men, is opposed to killing others for Islam, believes anyone has the right to change his religion, etc.

HOWEVER, there are multi-millions of other Muslims who do support war, the killing of civilians, the oppression of women, the denial of freedom of religion, and so forth.

I've lived in the Middle East where over 70% of Muslims support the killing of non-Muslim civilians, even said that a Muslim guy who attacks and slaughters a 13-year-old girl in her bedroom, is a hero and a martyr for Islam!

Also, I have been to the local mosque here in California, listened to lectures by Muslim leaders, and spoken to 2 of them afterwards. The one, a college professor, doesn't believe in freedom of religion! And both of them defended the verse in the Quran which says that a husband may hit is wife:-(

Then there are all the Islamic governments which my wife and I have written to opposing the arrest of prisoners of conscience, etc.

My other deep opposition to Islam is its central claim that whatever happens is Allah's will, its horrific doctrine of qadar.