Thursday, November 19, 2015

Live the Light for Khalida

...and So Many Millions of Other Suffering Humans.

c photo by Mary Kate Macisaac, WorldVision

from World Vision:

“I loved school. I was learning. I wanted to learn how to write. I loved it.”
— KHALIDA, age 8

"Khalida lives in a cement stall once used by farmers to sell their vegetables and chickens at the market. More than 100 children and their families live in the market place without proper sanitation, running water, or electricity."

"Once living in neighborhoods in middle-class suburbia, millions of children and their families now seek shelter in tented settlements or abandoned and unfinished buildings in neighboring nations overwhelmed by refugees."

"Khalida’s days are filled with caring for her two younger siblings, as well as cleaning and cooking. Her father, slain by militants in a recent upsurge of violence, has left her mother unable to function."

By Sevil Omer

But Light shines in the darkness...

"Students enjoy class in a new literacy center, a joint education project of UNICEF and World Vision in Raijab." ©2014 Ludwig Rauch/World Vision)

Four risks that children face:

"Children are susceptible to malnutrition and diseases brought on by poor sanitation, including diarrheal diseases like cholera.
Many refugee children have to work to support their families. Often they labor in dangerous or demeaning circumstances for little pay."

"Children are more vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation in unfamiliar and overcrowded conditions. Without adequate income to support their families and fearful of their daughters being molested, parents — especially single mothers — may opt to arrange marriage for girls, some as young as 13."

"Between 2 million and 3 million Syrian children are not attending school. The U.N. children’s agency says the war reversed 10 years of progress in education for Syrian children."

"Syrians fleeing conflict need all the basics to sustain their lives: food, clothing, health assistance, shelter, and household and hygiene items."

"12 million Syrians have fled their homes because of conflict; half are children.
4 million Syrians are refugees; most are in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan.
More than 700,000 Syrian refugees and other migrants risked their lives this year to travel to Europe." Photo ©2014 Elias Abu Ata/World Vision
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"About 630,000 refugees have settled in Jordan...About 80,000 live in Za’atari, a camp near the northern border with Syria, and about 23,700 live in another camp, Azraq, where World Vision set up much of the water and sanitation system."

"Syrian refugee boys take turns at a water tap stand to drink water or to wash their hands. World Vision installed water taps in Azraq refugee camp to provide clean, safe water to more than 10,000 resident refugees."
©2014 Elias Abu Ata/World Vision

Help bring safe drinking water to Syrian kids like this:

Live the Light for Khalida (and so many others),

Daniel Wilcox

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