Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Nietzsche and the Nazis, a powerful documentary, and the Islamic State

Be sure to see Nietzsche and the Nazis by lecturer Stephen Hicks, a powerful documentary which shows how philosophers such as Fredrich Nietzsche in the 19th century laid the intellectual structure for the development of Nazi Germany in the 20th. And of how the leading Nazis often quoted Nietzsche and followed many of his key beliefs about what humans ought to become. That led to the "Triumph of the Will," the Holocaust, and World War II.

But what could the Islamic State dedicated to Allah have in common with the famous atheist philosopher Nietzsche and Nazi Christian Germany?

A strange case of history and similar philosophy and political action...

First, many Muslim leaders such as the Islamic Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, avidly supported Hitler and Nazi Germany. The photograph below shows him meeting with Adolph Hitler in Germany in in 1941.

Second, there are many key agreements between the philosophy of the Islamic State and Nazi Germany.
"...Long-term, generalized conflicts are always about abstract principles in collision…Terrorism is first a mindset—committing to a cause that includes a willingness to kill anonymous others indiscriminately..”

From “How to Tame Religious Terrorists” by Stephen Hicks, PhD., November 14, 2015

Let us hold all humans in the Light
and work for peace and justice and compassion
that this time of darkness will pass away,

Daniel Wilcox

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