Sunday, April 10, 2016

How Does One Escape from the American Nightmare?

Another election year, another boondoggle...only it's even worse than usual because of the harsher rhetoric, blatant lies, put-downs, and ad hominem. The candidates seldom explain in careful detail new proposals.

A great country seems headed deeper into a worse nightmare.

This presidential primary season is so much more vulgar, so much less than what Americans could be achieving if they used their intellect, wisdom, and technology to spend all their time laying out practical, yet idealistic programs for significant change.

Look at how in the last 10 years NASA was able to send a probe all the way to Pluto, scientists made major discoveries in genetics, anthropology, medicine, and other areas of human learning.

Only in religion, the media, and in politics do humans seem caught in a endless cycle of pathetic tragedy and mindless absurdity.

Look back at the last few months--both a combination of Animal Farm and 1984.

What if instead of spending 30 million dollars in one state alone to try and win a primary if that one presidential candidate had used that wealth to create new programs to help impoverished and at-risk kids?

Think of all the many millions spent by the large number of primary hopefuls. What if all those many millions had been donated to actual projects?

Think of what FDR did in the severe Depression of 1930's in only one project--The Civilian Conservation Corp which created roads and trails, parks, built amazing architectural wonders, etc. Many millions of citizens yearly use the CCC's striking accomplishments.

"By September 1935 over 500,000 young men had lived in CCC camps, most staying from six months to a year...the men planted millions of trees on land made barren from fires, natural erosion, or lumbering—in fact, the CCC was responsible for over half the reforestation, public and private, done in the nation’s history.

"Corpsmen also dug canals and ditches, built over thirty thousand wildlife shelters, stocked rivers and lakes with nearly a billion fish, restored historic battlefields, and cleared beaches and campgrounds."

"In less than 10 years, the Civilian Conservation Corps built more than 800 parks and planted nearly 3 billion trees nationwide." The Reader’s Companion to American History, Editors Eric Foner and John A. Garraty

What if instead of building a multi-billion dollar wall across the southwestern border with Mexico, the U.S. and Mexico worked more together to make significant changes along the border?

What if the two governments used those billions of dollars to coordinate heath care, improve land ecology, and help the many kids, teens, and adults who wait at the Mexican border trying to get across, or wait on the U.S. border in holding places to be deported?

What if instead of 'to the nth degree' rehashing again and again various politicians' past failings, we instead focused on making wiser decisions now and in the future?

What if instead of large amounts of time being taken up on the various news channels with Hilary's email mistake, Ted's refusal to work with other senators, Donald's flip-floping on abortion, George's first strike war, etc.


all that time and money would be spent educating the general populace and various leaders on the complicated nature of the civil wars in Syria, Iraq, and Libya?

and why we, the U.S., ought not to get any further involved financially in those wars between opposite Islamic groups and countries?

We could spend all the many billions that we give in military aid instead for rescuing millions of refugees and getting them resettled in safe places, in helping worldwide aid organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, in creating reconciliation groups...

And spend more billions on improving education, transportation, etc. here at home.

Of course that would be the American Dream again.

Most humans instead seemed fixated on more nightmares.

In the Light of Human Rights, Justice, and Equality,

Daniel Wilcox

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