Sunday, August 23, 2015

3 Sons Still Kill

Given that the Israeli government has killed thousands of Palestinian civilians in the last year, and now this week is destroying more ancient olive trees (800,000 trees in the last years), and confiscated more Palestinian land...

And that Jewish settlers again attacked, not only vandalizing mosques and churches, but burning a Palestinian family, killing the father and baby son in their home...

And that Palestinian Muslims continue to attack and murder innocent civilians, and get praised by Fatah, the Palestine Authority and HAMAS!

And...check the daily bad news.

Let's stop this slaughter and bring back some hope:

Three Sons Change

Disking the rock strewn
Objected earth near Bet Shean,
Underneath the Middle Eastern sky
Rows of mean earth riven by the blades,
We cut away our anger, hate, and pride,
Stopping to drink, not from the liquor

Of fanatic corruption but from
The precious water welling up,
Our oasis of Jacob'd sharing,
In this Hanukkah season
Of Christ's mass after


We three sons of Abraham,
Muslim, Jew, and Christian,
Fight the true battle
Not each other but
To be found worthy
In compassion
And purity--
The true
To God


In the Light,

Daniel Wilcox

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