Monday, September 12, 2016

Guest Post: OUT OF THE SHADOWS by Joe Payne

Read this powerful, lucid article by Joe Payne on the present tragic lives of young teens caught in prostitution and human trafficking...

But, even more importantly, about caring humans
who are helping them escape to new life:


As human trafficking becomes more visible on the Central Coast, authorities are collaborating
in an unprecedented way to prosecute abusers, help victims, and end the cycle.

By Joe Payne
Photo by Jayson Mellom
Illustration by Alex Zuniga

May 18, 2016, marked a grim milestone in Santa Barbara County, as a Santa Maria jury found Humberto Carranza and Cameron Jones guilty of several counts of trafficking of a minor for sex....

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Support law enforcement, behavioral wellness helpers, and writers such as Joe Payne who are standing up against the darkness of injustice, abuse, human trafficking, and prostitution.

Work for human rights,

Daniel Wilcox

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