Thursday, February 20, 2020

What if Americans had spent 6.4 trillion on ending poverty, injustice, refugees, the homeless, building infrastructure, helping impoverished countries?

Instead, the U.S. spent, according to a new study,* 6.4 trillion on wars in the last 19 years!

Even worse, in none of those places is the situation better than before the U.S. invaded.

“Even if the United States withdraws completely from the major war zones by the end of FY2020 and halts its other Global War on Terror operations, in the Philippines and Africa for example, the total budgetary burden of the post-9/11 wars will continue to rise as the U.S. pays the on-going costs of veterans’ care and for interest on borrowing to pay for the wars,” Crawford writes.

Even worse, there are other war expenditures such as new billions for nuclear weapons that President Obama started and President Trump is continuing:

"A Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report in February estimates that the United States will spend $400 billion on nuclear weapons from fiscal years 2017 through 2026. (See ACT, March 2017.) That is an increase of $52 billion, or 15 percent, from the CBO’s previous 10-year estimate of $348 billion, which was published in January 2015."

Please work for a shift by the U.S. away from invasion wars, civilian killings, and the supporting of unjust regimes to INSTEAD spend trillions on ending poverty, injustice, inequality and to promoting human rights and well-being.

In the Light,

Dan Wilcox