Monday, October 25, 2021

HITLER'S MENNONITE VOTERS, from Anabaptist Historians
Mennonites helped vote in Hitler.

by Ben Goossen

"In May 1933, Mennonites delivered Adolf Hitler the only country-wide majority he achieved in an open election. Four months after Hitler became Chancellor of Germany at the head of a short-lived coalition with another party, the Nazis won an outright majority during elections in a nearby microstate known as the Free City of Danzig.

Located in what is today northern Poland, Danzig had a substantial Mennonite population. Mennonite ballots pushed the Nazis over the 50 percent threshold in the popular vote. A parliamentary majority allowed the Nazis to rule Danzig alone, and no fair state-wide elections were held again."

At times in my life, when I couldn't attend Friends Meetings, my wife and me attended Anabaptist churches (Mennonite and Brethren in Christ) because we thought it was probably the most Jesus-centered denomination.

However, this insightful study by historians, HITLER'S MENNONITE VOTERS, documents that some European Mennonites became deluded by nationalism, selfishness, pro-war views, and even supported forced-labor of minorities including Jewish people!

Don't miss this very troubling, horrific, study at anabaptist

There is a striking lesson for all who seek the Good, the True, and the Just.

The study reminds me of how disheartening it was when I studied Quaker history and learned that for a time George Fox supported the very immoral and unjust Puritan leader, Oliver Cromwell.

In the Light,

Dan Wilcox

Monday, October 18, 2021

One Transcendent Experience that Transforms


I can’t carry a basic tune
Anymore than a bat can sing wonder
Or envision quantum events,

But once I welled up bursting forth
Beyond all melodious barriers
Of sensuous fountaining,

Songing the voice of all singing.
Hosanna to the Highest and Deepest,
All-embracing universal cosmic Ultimate

Usually, I vocalize low and hesitant
With insecure, stressed effort
But on that humid evened night

In the crowded chapel meeting hall
In the midst of a thousand voiced joyfulness,
I not only caroled the Keys but was mused,

Songing the voice of all singing,
Hosanna to the Highest and Deepest
All-embracing universal cosmic Ultimate

We human instruments, fluting beauty
One glorious open canticled sound
With so much climactic passion;

Me, a human oboe in a great orchestra of tone
Being Bached and Beethovened,
To the alleluiaed heights,

Songing the voice of all singing,
Hosanna to the Highest and Deepest
All-embracing universal cosmic Ultimate.

Lava-hot harmonied, a chorale of joy-exultant
Wonder, the Transcendent's fountain bursting forth,
Geysering up in ecstatic adulation,

Welling skyward to the Ineffable One
Beyond all measuring, awed Infinite
Incomprehensible Becoming.

Songing the voice of all singing,
Hosanna to the Highest and Deepest
All-embracing universal cosmic Ultimate.

Dan Wilcox

First published in The Clockwise Cat in different form;
also in poetry collections--Psalms, Yawps, and Howls
and selah river

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Hearts-full, Not location or creed

But Evangelicals live for US First; They're group-egotists, of that proud sort,

Water piped in from Mono Reservoir Lush grass, high-tech, large-located houses;

But down below, poor refugees at that Wall
Live in patched together plastic tents,

Preyed upon by ruthless cartel killers,
Near their shack of tar ’n’ wood Jesus church

There peasants, Manuel and Miriam grow
Food on their small acre of stony ground,

Open kind actions, smiles, warm with zest and care;
Their hearts-wide, simple lives touch others here.

Not Evangelicals! those proud claimers
Lost from love’s generous kind country.

In the LIGHT,

Dan Wilcox

Friday, October 8, 2021

The Moral Dilemma: Drones to kill Islamic mass suicide bombers, but that also kill innocent civilians

EYE in the SKY, a exrcuciating moral study about whether or not to use drones--of the impossible connundrum of whether or not to kill one child in order to take out 5 Islamic suicide bombers who are going to attack a mall and kill hundreds.

Eye in the Sky North American Trailer

Director Gavin Hood

Writer: Guy Hibbert

Stars: Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, Alan Rickman