Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Don't "Make America Great" Again!

With so many endless claims of how we need to “make American great again,” here’s why that makes little sense:

Consider John C. Calhoun, one of America’s greatest, most honored American leaders of the past:
A government committee led by John F. Kennedy chose John C. Calhoun as one of the five greatest United States Senators ever!
John C. Calhoun became the seventh Vice President of the U.S.,
also ran for president,
was Secretary of State,
was Secretary of War twice,
was a U.S. Congressman,
and then South Carolina’s Senator, etc.

Calhoun was a committed slave owner like 12 American Presidents including Andrew Jackson who invaded another country, who, allegedly, according to the news is one of President Donald Trump's heroes.

America used to be much worse than now, NOT "Great" by any stretch of the mind.

Read John C. Calhoun's views opposing human rights, equality, freedom, etc.: “…nothing can be more unfounded and false—the prevalent opinion that all men are free and equal.”

” These great and dangerous errors have their origin in the prevalent opinion that all men are born free and equal;—than which nothing can be more unfounded and false.”

“It [universal human equality and freedom] never did, nor can exist; as it is inconsistent with the preservation and perpetuation of the race.”

“It follows, from what has been stated, that it is a great and dangerous error to suppose that all people are equally entitled to liberty.”
“It is a reward to be earned, not a blessing to be gratuitously lavished on all alike;—a reward reserved for the intelligent, the patriotic,
the virtuous and deserving...an all-wise Providence has reserved it...”

Become seekers of the truth, goodness, equality, liberty, justice, beauty...

Maybe in the future that could help America become great ethically for the first time.

In the Light,

Daniel Wilcox

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