Thursday, March 25, 2021

IF you could go back in history to any point and place, when and where would you go? And Why?

After mulling this over once and a while* for years, at least for now, I’ve decided I wouldn’t want to go back to sometime in the past—

1. Been ‘there’ enough via reading many tomes of history

2. Many of the most intriguing past times/places had too many negatives, tragedies, and immoral and unjust wrongs.

SO, NOW, at this present time moment, I would, instead, like to go into the FUTURE!

Probably into the future right here on the California coast.

TO the year 2165

I spontaneously pulling that year out of my rabbit-virtual mental hat (an analogy from the philsophical novel, Sophie’s World, by Jostein Gaarder).

#1 Will humankind overcome the current regressive backward fail of the early 21st Century?

#2 Will difficult Life questions have been solved?

#3 How did Life first start 2 billion or so years ago on Earth?

#4 Do humans have moral responsibility and creativity, the ability to make conscious choices from among many different possibilities and to bring new things into existence?

Are all conscious aware humans only “puppets” yanked hither and yon by deep-time deterministic reality because every single event from the Big Bang to the Very Distant End was set in stone the moment Reality came into being billions of years ago?

#5 Will humans be any closer to finally knowing whether or not Reality has meaning and purpose (some form of Process Theism, maybe)

That all Reality is came about by cosmic Chance, and is meaningless and purposeless, and humankind is a strange absurd anomaly (some form of Materialistic Atheism)?

#6 Have humans achieved the space goal of sending some to live permanently on another planet? Which one? Have we traveled beyond our solar system?

#7 Have scientists eliminated the worst diseases such as cancer?

#8 Did robots ever become sentient?

#8 Will humans finally become less violent and less prejudiced, more just and more moral?

#9 What new inventions and technilogical achievements will come about?

*--Reflecting on The Time Machine by H.G. Wells;
11/22/63 by Stephen King;
The Time Traders by Andre Norton
and other such time travel classics of science fiction speculation.

In the Light,

Dan Wilcox

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