Monday, April 5, 2021

The Moral Vision of MLK and Possibilities for Solving the Border Crisis

#1 MLK's moral criticism applies to Biden, Trump, Obama, etc. The last few administrations are spending about 1 trillion on nuclear weapons, billions on 650 military bases around the world, foreign wars that have nothing to do with protecting the U.S., etc.

For an adequate defense of the U.S. NONE of that is needed.

Instead, we ought to be using our wealth to reduce taxes, to encourage small businesses,
to teach the impoverished 'how to fish', and to give generously to help those humans in need, etc.

#2 As far as I can see President Biden doesn't yet have a long-term "border policy." HOWEVER, the tragic problems of hundreds of thousands of refugees have no easy solutions.

One possible idea is to help business-developers create new small business-free zones along portions of the border where billions of current wasteful federal government spending could be rerouted back to free-enterprise innovators, to successful NGO's such as Habitat for Humanity, World Vision, etc., who could then provide jobs and training for refugees.

Refugees wouldn't have to stay in make-shift tents in Mexico where they are in danger from drug cartels, pimps, and other criminals. Nor would they yet be allowed into the U.S. proper until a probation time and until they showed they are truly impoverished refugees and are willing (like many are indeed) to work hard.

This buffer zone of say 10 miles would also be staffed by a very large number of border patrol agents fully engaged-- not in trying to be social workers--but instead they could return to policing, to stop cartel smugglers and other destructive humans.

Hopefully, the Mexican Government and the U.S. Government can do something like this, can work together to create a whole new way of a joint border--one that develps, that shares, a border that educates, that helps, that brings reconciliation.

To be continued

In the Light,

Dan Wilcox

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