Friday, November 5, 2021

Beautiful Art Creations by Betsy Wilcox

Red Rock Vista
by Betsy Wilcox

Anchors Away to Alaska
by Betsy Wilcox
--from N.Y. design
by Deb Tucker

Rollin' on the River
by Betsy Wilcox
Most of the fabrics for this quilt
were purchased in Hannibal, Mussouri
om the Mississippi River, which was higher
than flood stage when we were there, after
our going to the Missouri Star Quillt Conference.

(Spangled pattern
by Cozy Quilt

Betsy sewing on Psycheldelic, a quilt
for me based upon when I lived in Haight-Ashbury in spring 1967.

In Process

Here, Betsy and I are
getting ready to take a
tractor ride out to an island
lighthouse on Lake Michigan,
after the M.S.C.


Anonymous said...

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever... its loveliness increases..."

Thanks for the joy of beholding these! -- and the awe -- appreciating the patience, skill, and creativity required. They say beauty will save the world! : )

Dan Wilcox said...

Thanks for stopping by to enjoy Betsy's vivid quilt creations.

And for reminding me of John Keats' powerful quote.

Much appreciated. I will pass on your comment to my sweetheart:-)