Friday, October 8, 2021

The Moral Dilemma: Drones to kill Islamic mass suicide bombers, but that also kill innocent civilians

EYE in the SKY, a exrcuciating moral study about whether or not to use drones--of the impossible connundrum of whether or not to kill one child in order to take out 5 Islamic suicide bombers who are going to attack a mall and kill hundreds.

Eye in the Sky North American Trailer

Director Gavin Hood

Writer: Guy Hibbert

Stars: Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, Alan Rickman


Anonymous said...

We surely didn't get an encouraging preview of "over-the-horizon" in Kabul.... It's said this was atypical because the situation developed swiftly, the imminent threat was reliable, and they didn't have the extended surveillance background -- but how "atypical" can that be?

Imagine living in Afghanistan knowing that unpredictable death looms overhead at every moment

Thanks again

Dan Wilcox said...

It's still hard for me to understand why we humans refuse to share, to care, and that religions which are to bring us together and for caring, instead lead us to intolerance and slaughter.
Some U.S. weapons sent to Afghanistan also were engraved with Bible verses by the American Christian manufacturers!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it's manufacturers -- during Iraq, I saw Bible verses on rockets or missiles, but I was remembering them as just painted on, which is bad enough. Surprisingly, now when I google to check, only 1 article mentioning Iraq comes up, no matter how many different ways I word the search -- and this incident (linked below) is the only thing I find about either Iraq OR Afghanistan. Maybe we are embarrassed, which would be a good thing. Daniel Maguire in "The Horrors We Bless" talks about how we have "baptized" war.

As you say, Pinker says we're improving -- but we're still in a horrendous place... I surely agree with you that it's so hard to understand!!!! & so thankful that you are a forceful voice for peaceful justice

Dan said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comment and for the url on Daniel Maguire.