Saturday, July 23, 2022

Travelin' Real Within

Allegedly, I’m mildly bipolar

but I spend all my days dream-widened by

the center-meridian at the equator,
jungled warm in the lush verdancy.

Super-sized with earnest emotion,

my every thought and act
floods with fervent intensity;

compassion sunburns my inner skin.

No arctic cold hardens this human clay,
no iceberg of a harsh snowy brow,

neither frozen north or south within.

At the wide equator,
I weep shards of scalding pain.

The endless sweat of warm mercy wellsprings

in this tropical brain;
morally real earnest,

My temperament’s compass directs
me sweltering true east toward the Light.

-Dan Wilcox
1st pub. in The Camel Saloon

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