Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Mused Moments in Nature

side of the road

gray shadowed mail box
overwhelmed green, red-purple
bloomed jungle wonder


california dazing


ground mists, chilly gloom
living on west’s ground-fogged coast--
wearing my snow coat


palm branches flutter
while other trees’ leaves wind-fall
despite bright warm days


rain-jade bluffs, 6 leaves
unfallen on our elm tree--
wait! wrens flit from branch


weeping tree saps down
drips red glop on our van’s roof--
and splats of bird poop


dark cliff walls
except in the narrows of our canyon--
that moon

dripping rain drizzles
against our foggy window—
blowing my wet nose

snail tracks, morning sun
translucent trail on red brick--
why in wet dashes?

wind and fire

green vines wind up fences
bursting with succulent grapes--
but covered in ash

too busy

red peaches, bird pecked,
rot under our laden tree
weighed down by sweetness

near ferndale

huge white marshmallows
checker the mowed brown hay field—
plastic-covered bales

trembled, jittering
feather caught to the dust splat
on our van's windshield

lines, no white clothes but
birds black in a row, clothespinned
to telephone wires

horse trailer rattles
by curved eucalyptus leaves
that skit in gutters

huntington beach dusk wind

pruned date palm
feather-dusts its crimson sky--
left by a worker

late afternoon

our black van tires roll
over dark elm trees stretched long,
but where are the bumps?

rain water on oil
red and blue swirls on blacktop--
a peacock's feather

up early

in the gray-hazed dawn
pale light blossoms
softly explode from a violet tree
rising by a jade-green hedge--
birdsong morning


In the beauty of our scenic natural world,

Daniel Wilcox

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