Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Lite Photos: Quirks and Slotes

Took this photo on a visit to my father when he was a patient at a hospital before his death.
Notice that before dusk, fading sunshine lights only the fins of dolphins except one.

What a beautiful bas-relief sculpture, Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, California.
[Please identify the artist if you have read about him/her.]


Nature's beauty, my photo in forest on Maui


White Whale rock on California beach by Daniel


Explosive halo off the coast of Kauai.
I shot it a few years ago.


Beauty briefly lands in the dross.
Betsy Wilcox's photo on central California coast at Monarch Butterfly Grove,
Pismo Beach

Sometimes the bizarre shows up in a summer parking lot. Maine coast, 2014

On Gulf coast of northeast Texas, a technological diamond ring
near huge chemical industry
I took the photo on my cross-country trek in May, 2017.


Fog overwhelms us.


Bigfoot tree,
on my walk in Newport Beach


Succulence and 2 leaving

Fingerpaint trees,
such unusual bark; I'm still

Gone with the jungle,
my photo from Olympia National Park, Washington

Near Long Beach, Washington,
Sign showing my age;-)
while I engage in planking

In the light of unusual sights,

Daniel Wilcox

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