Tuesday, December 25, 2018

beautiful blessing present now

beautiful blessing present now

wrapped in a bubble-printed cloth cradle,
their little doll sleeps contentedly
in powerful arms, her eyelids
noting inner movement, innocence and peace,
she’s seven pounds of light perfection
and one endless, heavenly ounce of joy,
with a cute wide nose, flatful
and widening teardrop-pendant eyes,
a heartful diminutive miracle;

bundled future’s time within
in her frame, 20 inches of tender length,
but far past’s 4,000 years of civil nation
long back to the Erlitou bronze culture
of the long ago famed Shang dynasty,
their rainbow-cradled miracle of joy;

then the little seraph doll wakes,
her pendant eyelids open, irises moving,
she curls her hands to small fists,
her face prunes to raisin’d wrinkles,
reddens to a wall-to-wall wail
not so celestial in her crib,
her mouth one demanding “O”,
their little howling cherub.

--Daniel Wilcox
(for my little grandaughter:-)

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