Monday, December 21, 2015

Door of Future Song

أغنية أبواب المستقبل

"...With forgiveness and a big heart we eliminate darkness
no matter how long it lasts
Together we overcome hardships
and the hearts are comforted with love,
We light our ways with goodness,
it's within us and we are the torch."

"Inspired by the children at the Child Friendly Spaces in Gaza, the idea to compose a song and create a music video was put together in order to emphasize the importance of hope, peace and a better future for children in Palestine.

Forty children from the CFSs sponsored by the Government of Germany, with the help of seven staff members, worked together on writing the lyrics, composing the music and designing the choreography for the music video. This music video is a testament to the resilience of the children in Gaza and their love for life."
World Vision Jerusalem-West Bank-Gaza

In Gaza/Palestine:

"To date, 100,000 Palestinians remain displaced living in dire conditions in schools and poor condition shelters, and over 300,000 children are still in need of immediate psycho-social support.

Since the end of February, World Vision JWG has been providing early recovery interventions to approximately 90,000 people:

...rehabilitated a total of 1389 damaged agricultural properties.
2067 dunums of agricultural lands
250 green houses,
36140 meters of irrigation pipelines

In addition, 195 Households have benefited from installing and rehabilitating of water wells and 235 fishermen were provided with fishing kits to help resume their fishing livelihood.

On the other hand, the process is ongoing to support 70 youth entrepreneurs to reestablish their small business projects that have been damaged by the war.

World Vision has been working in the Holy Land since 1975 serving the poor and marginalized and is committed to advocating for the improved well-being of children as well as empowering Palestinian and Israeli voices that advocate for peace and justice. World Vision is currently working in Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza areas."

Work for the Light,

Daniel Wilcox

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