Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pebbles and Shooting Stars

a meteor shower of words on this eve...

Up Early

In the gray-hazed dawn
Pale light blossoms
Softly explode from a violet tree
Rising by a jade-green hedge
Birdsong morning


Night Watch Psalm

Walled granite
One mile
Below the rocked rim
In the rusted Canyon
Rushing Colorado
River russet copper;
Nearby in the evened dusk
I lay ‘stilled,’ a silent psalm
In the shine
Of that lighted granite
Eyes wide in the dawn
Of that Night



Seek the moral compass
Round the world ringed
Don't pass by on the other side;
Be passionate
And encompass
Love's Sphere


when one doesn't
see the dark



under seagulls kiting,
molten froth waves roll in--
we hotfoot it across sand


Outside the Limit

Working the Thursday graveyard shift
But alert in the night, I pray in stillness
Awash drowned in awe, the Personal
Luminousness, aware beyond words vivid bliss
Blessed all-encompassing exalting surpassing
Great parabled One Pearl of Being



a trail of dashes
translucent on our red brick--
night's telltale caller


Cape May Light

Back then
Her young wedding eyes glistened
More than the prism'd Fresnel lens
That centered our lives
On the Jersey shore;

She's a Keeper.


horse trailer
by curved eucalyptus leaves
that skit in the gutter


dark cliff walls
except in the narrows of our canyon--
that moon



I’m retreaded but road-tired,
Rolling across cantankerous land
Though, thank heavens—knock around
On pavement
And redwood,
Not yet sent off to a ‘board and card’ mansion,

You know where decks and bingo
“Was a dog…” chips or
Define the tokened measures of your life--

Or where
Reclining and breathing entertain you.

No, I’m bound for that promised land…


rain puddle on oil
red and blue swirls on blacktop--
a peacock feather


In fall's leaved trees
Melted rainbows dripping
Among the branches
Colorful collages
Assaulting our senses


manta ray
of the hoe blade


warped fence boards in sand
lean askew toward green windbreak
old gnarled cypress


lines, no white shirts but
birds black in a row clothes-pinned
to the telephone wires



ogre marshmallows
under the blue oz of sky--
white plastic...hay bales



A black barred window
Locking out the evened sky
Or rungs to the stars


date palms stood up
in the crimson sky
feather dusting
the night


snow falls to crystal
path deep white over my knees
light inside my head

Happy New Year!

Daniel Wilcox

Short Poems pub.
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Flutter Poetry Journal,
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